Horseback trekking : a various choice of trail rides

Whether it's for a day or more (with one of our "packages"), we propose 7 different trail rides (please read the tab "prices") to discover the various aspects of this region gifted with a generous nature and majestic scenery : vast and deserted white sand beaches, primeval forests, hills from where you can discover vast panoramas, rice paddies, mangrove lagoon, but also traditional villages of farmers or fishermen whom we share life. Everywhere the horses and riders are welcome. The Sasak use small horses to pull colored carts (called cidomos). This big horses remain for them great attractions. There is no tradition of equestrian Lombok (only some bupati (chiefs of regions) horses are sometimes used for their parades).



Every day program (if weather allow us to do so) : in disorder....

1 - deserted beaches and Serenting Seger (2h)

We leave to discover two large white sand beaches, lined with a big lagoon (where it is good to swim during daytime). There is never anyone ! During this horseback trekking, we pass by a succession of six different beaches, a magnificent mangrove and a little hill inhabited by colonies of wild monkeys. We visit a small fishermen village (July-February). In this place, there's the harvest for seaweed when it's low tide..

We return throught the inland across a vast lagoon and rice paddies, fields of peanuts, tobacco and soya beans. We then discover the traditional habitat of rustic fishermen or farmers living simply andalso a ground brick factory  (provide a small cigarette to offer in the way). Riding at all speeds...

2 - Sasak villages : farmers and fishermen (2h)

During this trek, we will cross many villages of peasants, their traditional habitat of bamboo and palm, shelters for cows and buffaloes, goat pens, rice granaries in the middle,  and the traditional "brugah" where men gather to discuss about anything. In the rainy season (and shortly after), the rice paddles will be in full activity (December to May). We move from one valley to another through small promontories, discovering new sight seeings and pushing us deeper into the hilly land unto the increasingly dense forest (often recalling the landscapes described by Joseph Conrad in his novels "Lord Jim "or "The heart of darkness".)

The more we'll go on, the more isolated and rustic the villages will be. There, women  will prepare dinner over a wood fire and others will weave colored fabrics in front of their house. Everywhere the way children and adults welcome us will be warm. The big horses remain an "attraction" for them. In the rainy season, residents work as farmers in their fields. In the dry season they become seasonal fishermen. Riding at all speeds, in the villages, we will always remain in step.

3 - Sunrise on Mount Prabhu (2:30)

To admire the sunrise over the vast bay of Kuta and the distant bays of Tanjung Aan and Serenting, we will wake up in the morning. In fact, the sun shows its face on the horizon at 6am. Then departure at 5am after a quick breakfast. (The horses will be left a little earlier -by truck- to the base point of Mont Prabu). They'll wait for us there. In the first light of day, we'll climb the slopes of Mount Prabu reaching its peak after a half-hour trail. At sunrise, we will ride the path that slaloms then on top, revealing here and there groups of peasant houses who live very isolated in the mountain, without water or electricity.

Sometimes on the footpath overlooking the precipice, we will meet men and women carrying heavy loads. Once we'll reach the end of the peninsula, we will make a break to enjoy the view of an unforgettable beauty, in the East as in the West. Back to the truck then, by the west side. Once back at the starting point, a car will be waiting for you to go home. Riding mainly... taking into account the roughness of the paths.

4 - Tanjung Aan Bay and the fishing village of Gerupuk Bay

(1 day)

Beautiful day of horse trekking. Starting around 7am to reach -by car- the beach of Tanjung Aan, famous for its beautiful turquoise waters and fine white sand (the horses will be brought by truck). From there, we will explore the various small bays with crystal clear waters, separated by green hills to arrive in very traditional fishing villages (Ebuak, Sewak, etc.) that are rarely visited by tourists (about 2 hours 30 minutes).

We'll return to the beach and take advantage of the water during the hot hours for swimming and lunch on the beach in the shade of coconut trees and make a good nap. Opportunity to snorkel down to the bottom of the bay and discover a small corner where are living turtles (extra Rs 25,000 per person) At the end of the afternoon, we'll reach the beach of Serenting by climbing a rocky point with  breathtaking views on the two bays (Kuta and Tanjung Aan). 2 hours and 30 minutes riding around at all speeds.


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