Discover the pristine beaches and majestic landscapes of South Lombok.

Horseback trekking with a guide who speaks English.

Horse riding in Lombok

Horse riding in Lombok, horse trail in Indonesia


Our six horses are perfectly trained and equipped with upscale French  (Forest) or German (Stübben) upholstery.

Kuta Horses invites you to discover the pristine beaches, majestic landscapes and authentic villages in the south of Lombok with a "vehicle" environmentally friendly : the horse !
The area
offers to experienced riders & beginners a variety of unique and still wild landscapes. From the top of small hills that we climb on horseback, you will enjoy spectacular scenery as you rarely see in the world.

These are great horses (from Australia and Sulawesi) with an average of
1.60 m tourniquet). They were selected for their good adaptation to the kind of horse trekking we practice in the region and for their good temper. All trail rides are accompanied by a guide who speaks at least English (and even French or Spanish when you'll be accompanied by the owner).

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